Never forget now

Mike has put out a new release on Bandcamp entitled Never Forget Now. It forms part of a solo album that he’s been working on for a number of months which will also contain I’m Coming Through. You can hear up to 3 free listens on here.

Four new dates and 11 ‘new’ videos.

New dates

We’ve added 4 new dates to our diary for June and July. Check them out here

New videos

We’ve added 11 new videos of live rehearsals which you can take a look at here. You can also find them with the tag 


Technically the songs are not always now played in the front room because Helen keeps wanting to watch the telly. But we couldn’t call them 


Could we?

Acoustic Eclectic

We’ve done a couple of nights down at acoustic eclectic recently. On Wednesday 1st Feb and 8th Feb, Mike and Phil went down to the Tameside hotel in Dukinfield to check out a great night of music and live performance. A pleasure to meet the legendary singer, songwriter and acoustic eclectic stage and radio show host that is Wiz Mossley and great artists like Picnic Area and Sam Lyon. We’ll be back for a full band set soon and Mike will be doing a live solo set on Wiz’s weekly radio show Acoustic Eclectic at some plot in the future. Details to be announced. 

If you live in Manchester then it’s a great place to go for a free evening’s entertainment. On every Wednesday. 

Wiz Mossley

Sam Lyon