WAWIMLO – What would you do 2003


Around 2002 we were playing more music in bedrooms and lounges than we should have been really. Now  that we’ve moved on to just lounges and pubs and churches we look back on some of those bedroom sessions with a great deal of fondness. One guy called James had a bedroom full of proper recording stuff and keyboard and mics and a lap steel and an ude!!!! He was James Youngjohns and he still lives in Manchester and played in such great bands as  AnnaKashfi and Last Harbour. He told us about something called Americana and as far a we were concerned he may as well have invented it. 

On this song written by Mike, he plays lead guitar, harmonica and lap steel. Mike plays guitar and sings.


The Billy Goat – Mossley

Lovely boozer the billy goat and a great atmosphere for the open mic night last night. Wiz Mossley’s assembled crew of poets, singers and musicians played to an appreciative and respectful audience and the evening was topped off by the excellent sounds of singer songwriter Chris Turner accompanied on violin by Dave King.

Aiming to expand the set of tunes I can do solo I tried a new one called well informed, which together with into the blue and goodnight sweetheart made up my 3. 

Free food by the way. Sausage casserole and some nice butties!

One too many cheese butties caused me to fall asleep during one  of my own tunes and for me to develop 3 extra chins apparently. 

The Acoustic Cafe

We have had a few sessions down at the acoustic cafe recently. As a full band, a three-piece and with Mike performing solo. A great venue where the audience is there to see and hear the bands. Long may it thrive down at the Gorse Hill Church on Wesley Street in Stretford every Monday night. Hosted by the wonderful Terry Snowden MBE with assistance from Alan Bitterman and Danny Cawley. Really worth checking out. Every Monday from 7:30.

Alan Bitterman with Terry Snowden on Keyboards

Danny Cawley

Acoustic Eclectic

We’ve done a couple of nights down at acoustic eclectic recently. On Wednesday 1st Feb and 8th Feb, Mike and Phil went down to the Tameside hotel in Dukinfield to check out a great night of music and live performance. A pleasure to meet the legendary singer, songwriter and acoustic eclectic stage and radio show host that is Wiz Mossley and great artists like Picnic Area and Sam Lyon. We’ll be back for a full band set soon and Mike will be doing a live solo set on Wiz’s weekly radio show Acoustic Eclectic at some plot in the future. Details to be announced. 

If you live in Manchester then it’s a great place to go for a free evening’s entertainment. On every Wednesday. 

Wiz Mossley

Sam Lyon