Fishonastick in Vaatican Music’s All Time Classic Playlist


Our tune “Knocked” has been put on a French Music Labels Vaatican Music’s all time Classics playlist.

Have a listen here.

You can see Vaatican’s site here too!!

Thanks to Andre who wrote:

“Even if it’s not my type of music I think you make a great work
I remember when I published your track “Knocked” I thought it could have been one of the best pink floyd song (atom heart mother/ummagumma period which I adore)
I wish you all the very best for you & yours !
(Vaatican Records is 10 years old now)
Vaat Recs”

One thought on “Fishonastick in Vaatican Music’s All Time Classic Playlist

  1. s says:

    Now that’s proper feedback.

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