New live album due for release 2nd March 2015

live at bury met

We will be releasing a live album in a few weeks time and from the listens we have been giving it ourselves and to other peeps it is gonna sound amazing even if I do say so ourselves. It’s all live, no overdubs and taken from live performances at Bury Met and other venues. Line up is me, Phil Pops, Adam Goodwin and Pablo with major sound wizardry from Andy Pops. After I-tunes, Spotify and Amazon or whichever platform we’re on have taken their cut about 65-70% of the sale price goes directly to the band and that money will be split equally 5 ways between the peeps mentioned above.

To give you a feel for it, one of the tunes “the hand of man” will be posted to stream on here, soundcloud, fandalism and anywhere else that’ll have us in the next few days. We’re digitally re-mastering all of them using special digital re-mastering technology like graphic equalizers and a button called treble so back off!!!!

Oh yeah and rehearsals are coming along nicely for new gigs in 2015. Go here if you want to check them out.


Mike xx