Fishonastick to be played on AllFM Tuesday 23rd December 2014 11am-12pm

all fm

Our single Hold the Ground is to be played on local radio station All FM on Tuesday morning by the excellent Jack Baker in his show “the future of music” which introduces the greatest new music on planet earth.

So if you are near wifi click here to go to their website or if you’re in South Manchester at that time tune in to AllFM at 96.9FM – the real voice of Manchester.

My first time

Doing anything for the first time is daunting enough. Doing ‘it’ for the first time is an experience laden with so much potential for embarrassment that I don’t even know where to begin. Disappointment is a racing certainty it would seem. The names of those involved have been changed in order to avoid further heartache.

I think in my teenage years ‘it’ was considered something to be gotten out of the way. If there was a ministry for sexual quality then I would have been arrested and well hung (arf!!), in the end I was neither.

I have a habit of putting too many words into very small space but on this occasion I think it works but as usual poor Phil ends up tumbling over them and struggling for breath, so a bit like my first time really (wow this is gold).


Selfish Gene

“If you just do what you’ve always done you’ll just get what you’ve always got”. I’m not sure who said it to me first but I think it was a guy called John Piprani who is a bit of a guru type. Always with the new ideas and the new project he is the embodiment of this saying. He never stands still and I guess at some times that might be exasperating for those around him but dull – never dull.

He was talking about the armed conflict in Northern Ireland which as far as the onlooker can tell was a triumph for those who advocate never changing and sticking with what you know. What each side was saying to the other was “I’m going to kill you because of something your ancestors did”. Lunacy – That’s what this song is about.

Selfish Gene 29th November 2014 –  featuring Adam (Lead Guitar), Mike (Vocals, Guitar), Wayne (Vocals, Drums), Phil (Vocals, Bass)