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“Original, quirky and introspective songs, beautiful vocal harmonies, accomplished musicianship with well crafted and keenly observed lyrics to make you think and smile”

We are an acoustic 4 piece or 2 piece depending on the venue. We tailor it to suit the size and type of venue.

This is a link two a gig as a 2 piece gig in September 

There is also on a page on our website that has some of our tunes filmed from 4 piece rehearsals at Mike’s house. Just one mic in the middle of the room so not studio quality but a decent live sound. Just click here.

One highlight was when we supported fairport convention at Bury Met recently. You can now get a recording of that on Spotify

We got loads of really complimentary feedback from Fairport fans the next day via our website telling us how great they thought we were and we also sold out our shirts and cd’s that night (about 40 of each).

We are looking for intimate gigs in the North of England and are currently looking to work with a promoter, a record/distribution company and a manager. If you can help us put on an intimate gig or want us to play at your home or venue then please get in touch.


From front room to festival.


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