Never forget now

Mike has put out a new release on Bandcamp entitled Never Forget Now. It forms part of a solo album that he’s been working on for a number of months which will also contain I’m Coming Through. You can hear up to 3 free listens on here.

WAWIMLO – What would you do 2003


Around 2002 we were playing more music in bedrooms and lounges than we should have been really. Now  that we’ve moved on to just lounges and pubs and churches we look back on some of those bedroom sessions with a great deal of fondness. One guy called James had a bedroom full of proper recording stuff and keyboard and mics and a lap steel and an ude!!!! He was James Youngjohns and he still lives in Manchester and played in such great bands as  AnnaKashfi and Last Harbour. He told us about something called Americana and as far a we were concerned he may as well have invented it. 

On this song written by Mike, he plays lead guitar, harmonica and lap steel. Mike plays guitar and sings.


New EP “Idiots for a Living” – Release Date September/October 2016

idiots for a living
idiots for a living - ep

idiots for a living – ep

Recorded in one of the last truly analogue studios left in Manchester and featuring guest performances from James on Lap Steel and Keys and Dave on Keys. Adam Goodwin (Lead Guitar), Mike Shaw (Rhythm Guitar and Vocal), Paul Feely (Drums, Percussion and Vocal) and Phil Popplewell (Bass, Percussion and Vocal).

Aiming for 1st October 2016 as the release date proper.


“Hold the ground” receives unexpected boost. 

Hold the Ground is not about bears.

I can’t even remember when we recorded it by I have a feeling it was around 2006/7. Every now and again for some reason a rash of unsolicited and therefore unexpected comments appears on one of our tunes and it happens on this more than most. You can link to Hold the Ground on Soundcloud here for free but only for a limited period as that tune will be made private on Soundcloud once it’s published as part of a limited edition EP to be released in the near future. So fill yer boots.

Mike xx