We rehearse in Sham’s front room. Those recordings are done in one take with one mic in the middle of the room, so you’ll get us warts’n all. Enjoy the sound of dogs whimpering to get out, family members coughing, ornaments being knocked over and kids ringing childline to plead for merciful release. 

We’ve also got some more recent live footage here.

If you want to book us for a gig, house gig or function then then please go to our bookings page.


Freeze live at Semitone Studios – 22nd March 2019

Full gig at Semiton Studios – 9th September 2018

God whatever that is – 3rd August 2017

30 minutes – 15th June 2017

Protection – 8th June 2017


New bomb – 1st June 2017


So I won’t – 1st June 2017


Who is in control – 11th May 2017

I’m coming through – 4th May 2017


My first time – 4th May 2017


Every single breath – 4th May 2017

Done – 27th April 2017

Hurricane – 27th April 2017

Knocked – 27th April 2017

Selfish Gene – 20th April 2017

Freeze – 20th April 2017

Goodnight Sweetheart – 6th April 2017

Warmth of the Sun – 26th October 2014